Trial and Error: A closer look

Today we go into detail and look at a picture.

The image above is a picture. I can say this with some certainty because I just made it myself. I went for a small walk with my camera and came across this little scene here. I set the aperture of my camera and aimed from various angles, pressing a button several times to take pictures. I could hear the mirror slap in my camera. I could see the result on the display of my camera.

But this is not the picture I took. Because after seeing it on my display I had to walk back to my apartment. I took the memory card out of my camera, placed it in a card reader and transferred the file to my laptop. I opened the file with one program where I chose to preserve the highlights and recover a bit of detail in the shadows. A neutral profile was selected for the interpretation of the colours. This program automatically corrects lens errors. I let it change the distortion but prevented it from fixing the vignetting because I like the slightly darker corners.

Then this first program sent the result to photoshop where I fiddled with the contrast (it was a bit bland at first) and lowered the saturation. I prefer slightly less saturated images. After that I had to resize the picture for my website. The original is 6144 pixels wide and the layout of my website can only take images with a width of 940 pixels. Then I had to sharpen it a bit to bring the detail back in. At this point I almost made the mistake of thinking I was done. But I still had the change the colour profile from AdobeRGB to sRGB  before saving. AdobeRGB does not display well in lots of programs including most browsers. I save the picture and let my browser upload it to the server that contains my website so your browser could download it again. And now your browser has interpreted the image, sending the information through your operating system, video card drivers and video card to your monitor where thousands of pixels light up to show you the result.

The light enters your eye and a whole new process begins. But it is still my picture right? You see what I saw? Look, you can even see the apartment building. Let me crop the detail for you.

The red, white and blue is the logo of the apartment building I am at right now. The image is a crop. That is when a photographer cuts of some pieces of the original picture to create a new one. It is a great way of showing you a detail like this. I can make it even larger. Right now you’re seeing a crop but I can also take an even smaller crop, and then enlarge it.

Now you can really see  the details. I think the white is some kind of wave. I will have to check that when I go outside again.

I can also show you some of the mess in the same way.

I think this is some kind of energy drink. Probably kids that have been hanging out here. I think one of the other cartons on the ground was beer as well. We can check that of course.

Looks like Heineken to me. And what do you think? Is it still a picture?