This is the graduation project that I will be working on to improve for my second chance to graduate in August.

“Our society is digitizing rapidly. Online media are replacing meeting points more and more. This battle between the virtual and the physical is an invisible one. Only traces like the spaces that are left empty, leave an impression.

In the electronic world a glitch is one of the few visible signs of a technical defect. The presented reality is being breached and the processes that work behind the scenes become visible for a moment. Using this, existing locations are being afflicted by their potential digital replacements within these photographs. An image emerges of a battle that might have been fought already.”

“Onze samenleving digitaliseert in hoog tempo. Online media vervangen ontmoetingsplekken meer en meer. Deze strijd tussen het virtuele en het fysieke is een onzichtbare strijd. Alleen sporen zoals de leeg achtergebleven ruimtes geven een indruk.

In de electronische wereld is een glitch een van de weinige zichtbare tekens van een technisch defect. De gepresenteerde realiteit wordt doorbroken en de achterliggende werkende processen worden even zichtbaar. In deze foto’s worden bestaande locaties op deze wijze aangetast door hun digitale potentiĆ«le vervangers. Er ontstaat een beeld van een strijd die mogelijk al gestreden is.

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(dis)connect is the project that I presented at my final review. The feedback on my presentation was that I was on the right track but not quite there yet. For the next two months I will have to improve on this with new experiments, sketches and variations. I would very much love your feedback on what has been created so far. Are the images clear enough for you? Without me adding any additional information, what do they communicatie? What do you think should be improved?

To give you a bit more of an idea of the scale and the amount of detail in these images; here is a crop at 100% from the Council Chamber. They all have been presented at quite a scale. Amusement Park, Council Chamber, Library and Theatre have been printed at 60cm x 75cm. Nature has been printed at 100cm x 125cm.

Thanks to you all in advance for your feedback. I hope your input will help me improve on this project.