JPG #1 and #2

This Thursday I started with some new experiments focussed on the JPG-file.

A JPG-file is the default output for most digital cameras. Likewise, almost every picture you see online is a JPG-file. These files are made through a standard set by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. This standard tries to make a file as small as possible by removing information that your eye should not notice. It is what people call a lossy compression; it compresses but you lose something along the way.

Every time you save a JPG, you will lose information. At least, that is what you are being told as a photographer. Thursday I created a small webpage that saves the same JPG-file every time it is visited, and shows you the latest and most compressed version. And after receiving more than 3000 visits, I expected this would turn ugly real fast, with the image falling apart and a beautiful mess taking its place. It did not.

As it turns out, some sort of balance was reached and it would not compress any further after a few saves. Today I have “corrected” this and made a new version with some new fruits and veggies that does fall apart. Please, give it a try.


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