Trial and Error: The Tourist

For today I have used a phenomenon I have seen way too many times as a source of frust… inspiration.

People that stand in front of the landmarks they want a picture of. They have been amazing me for a long time. I mean, you go to these landmarks for a reason. To see them. So why stand in front of them? Because you want proof you have been there? I do not see how a picture is proof of that. On the other hand, a lot of these landmarks are so famous, everybody knows them and knows how they look. So you might as well stand in front of them. It is not like we are missing something. But then again, the people that look at the picture also know how the person in it looks?

So my first idea, what if I remove one of either elements?

Not bad. After that, we try the same with black.

Not bad either. But I think I liked white more. What else can I do with it? In Photoshop, removing something gives a checkered pattern. Let’s try that.

Nice if you know Photoshop. Not so nice for all other people. How about removing things like a brute? Photoshops content aware fill is very good/bad at that!

Now that is crude. The thing is, I feel like this person could be pretty much in front of any landmark. Wonder how that looks.

Yeah, that works just as well. Now it is time to make another switch. Because I feel like the statue is more important than the person (and the person feels like he should be on a pedestal).

Or maybe I can just remove the statue completely to show it does not play a role in this picture.

Oh yeah. I really like the way that works. I think it is still recognizable for a lot of people. Probably even more so in a series. So let us try this again with two other pictures.

Tada, and now we have a tiny series of three. I still do not understand why people take these pictures though.

One thought on “Trial and Error: The Tourist

  • Esther says:

    For me, photo’s are often a recollection of memories. Not so much the memory of what I saw, but the memory of how I felt. Old photo’s trigger feelings. If I see an old photo of myself, I often remember exactly how I felt. I have for example an old family photo where everyone is smiling except me. I still now all kind of details of that moment. Details that are not shown in the picture. Sounds. Smells.

    It is for the same reason that I like having photo’s of myself in front of landmarks. Because these photo’s make me remember how I felt at the moment that I saw the landmark.

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