Detail van de image wall bij het NN DE Café

Image Wall @ NN DE Café

In January 2014 I won a contest to design an image for the Image Wall of the NN DE Café. The assignment was to fill more than 16 meters of wall with my vision on “Me and my future”.

Photographic illustrations

Every now and then I get to experiment with images for the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. A selection of these photographic illustrations are featured here.

Amusement Park


Our society is digitizing rapidly. Online media are replacing meeting points more and more. This battle between the virtual and the physical is an invisible one. Only traces like the spaces that are left empty, leave an impression.

Time Works Pt.1

The tempo in which you live determines how you witness events. The passing of time is relative to the viewer. A fruit fly has a different perception of a storm than a sequoia tree. When you are standing still, you will see the world in another way than when you are moving. What looked still before can suddenly be seen changing constantly. Panta Rhei, everything flows.


Een digitaal fotobestand is een kleine database gevuld met getallen. Op 1 manier geinterpreteerd zijn het pixels en kleuren die samen een foto vormen.