Trial and Error: When?

I easily look past the content of a picture. When I see a camera, I do not see a storytelling machine. To me, it’s a measuring device.

Trial and Error: Slitscan

For the first of my experiments I decided to make slitscan images. And I ended up with 10 video’s of them.

This is where we start #1

Today I had an appointment with one of my teachers. She will be guiding me through the summer for my graduation. We have had quite a talk and now I know what I will be doing the next few weeks.


This is the graduation project that I will be working on to improve for my second chance to graduate in August.

A second chance and a new look

Last Friday I had my final review that should have led to my graduation. That did not quite work out the way I planned. There will be a second chance in August and my website got a new look to finally help me reach my goal.

Version 0.02 – Lego update

The Breda Photo assignment featuring the Adult Fans of Lego has been making quite some progress. It all started with a trip to London where I came across a Lego store.

Version 0.01

This post will be the first in a series in which I try to document, share and improve the process of my graduation projects. 

Meet Kolumn

Welcome to my new and improved website. It’s not completely done yet. Still lots of bugs to remove and details to polish. But I am very proud to say it works. And trust me, it was quite a task to get it working.