Time Works Pt.1

The tempo in which you live determines how you witness events. The passing of time is relative to the viewer. A fruit fly has a different perception of a storm than a sequoia tree. When you are standing still, you will see the world in another way than when you are moving. What looked still before can suddenly be seen changing constantly. Panta Rhei, everything flows.

Usually reproducing the passing of time requires a medium likewise linear; a video for example, shooting many pictures in a sequence and showing one after another. In this project however the pictures shot were not reassembled as a video but as a single image. Using the shot imagery as a database, every resulting image is built up with one line from each of the 944 original pictures; the top line being the top line of the first picture, all the way down to the last line of the last picture in the bottom.

To the viewer, the experience is still like the original situation. Pass the image quickly and it will look like any other picture. Stand still and you can trace the events that happened during the capture.

This project has been realised during my internship with Mathieu Bernard-Reymond