Erik Kroes

NN DE Café

The Nationale Nederlanden Douwe Egberts Café (NN DE Café) organised a competetion for filling their "imagewall". For this wall, with a width 16 meters, I designed a new landscape. From up close (like in the café), lots of details are visible. From further away (the café) has lots of passers-by, a new combined landscape emerges.

De imagewall geïnstalleerd op locatie bij het NN DE Café

The NN DE Café is a spot for lunch right next to Rotterdam Central station. It is sponsored by insurerer Nationale Nederlanden and coffee brand Douwe Egberts, and has a large glass facade so pasers by can look in. A large 16 meter wide "imagewall" dominates the space. They organised a competition with the theme "me and my later" to fill this wall.

The imagewall installed on location at NN DE Café.

For this competition I stated that "later is a dot on the horizon. If that later ever comes then it will not revolve around the impulses of the city, but the space of nature". My ideal later was a new reality created from parts of the Dutch landscape. A mix of North Sea coast, hills, forests and lakes.

De imagewall geïnstalleerd op locatie bij het NN DE Café

I took huge panoramic pictures at these locations in the Dutch landscape. These images were sliced into vertical slices, a self-written program sorted them by (partial) brightness, and put together again as a new landscape. This gives a sense of peace and calm to the visitors in the urban centre of Rotterdam.

De hele image wall inclusief tekst