The Automatic Image Creator

For the past few years I had a problem I wasn’t really aware of. Last summer, during my graduation, I managed to address it and find a solution using Processing and computer vision. I made photographic test data.

JPG #1 and #2

This Thursday I started with some new experiments focussed on the JPG-file.

Trial and Error: Cache

Yesterday I had a look at pictures other people take. Today I had a look at well, what I look at. I have analyzed the cache of my browser and specifically the images it has cached.

My artistic family

For this part of my research I will discuss my artistic family; the people that inspire me and, in a way, surround me in what I do.

Trial and Error: Painting

Yes, the title says painting. Sometimes you need to step out of something to get a look at what you were into in the first place.