Welcome to my playground. On this bit of digital soil I share my experiments and explorations of the photographic medium as a Visual Artist, Photographer and Creative Coder. It is the place where I share both the result and the process to make you follow and understand what I do, and even enable you to try and repeat the steps.

Everything on this website is a product of my curiosity. Photography is a toy to me; the kind of toy you take a part and put together again in every way possible. I just love to explore its possibilities and its limitations (and break every rule I come across). In my pioneering I use conventional tools like a camera and image-editing software but if I have to, I program my own tools.

If you want to know more about me personally, you can read my LinkedIn. If you want to see what it is I do, have a look around on this website or visit www.photdev.com, where I help people learn new photographic techniques.