Hi, I'm Erik. I'm a photographer and creative in the world of accessibility. I like to:

  • Sink my teeth into a challenge
  • Get the most out of people and situations
  • Create structure where there is none
  • Use bulleted lists



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Accessibility Session

Do you encounter a barrier in my streams? Let me know and I'll chase it. Once a week I stream about Web Accessibility. I prefer to have a guest. Guests can present a topic related to Web Accessibility and/or Web Development. If there's no presentation, I'll pick up an open source project to improve while streaming. Wether there is a guest or not, it revolves around sharing knowledge and experience. Please ask questions so we can have a conversation. Want to join me? It's like a continuous call for presentations except you can just contact me.

I'm not neuro-typical and have a brain injury after 3 surgeries. My la(te)st surgery was in 2020. It might result in having trouble to focus on multiple things and being tired early. So don't expect me to be fast or stream 24/7. Follow me on Twitch for notifications.

Stream Rules

  • Follow the rules
  • Be inclusive
  • No promotion
  • English


Accessible HTML Toggle Button (Switch).

Everybody loves toggle switch on mobile, or so I’ve heard. But if you’re building a website, how do you reproduce this without excluding people. The result Let’s start with the most important part. This is the end result as featured on Codepen: See the Pen Toggle Button by Erik (@erikkroes) on CodePen. What is this? […]

Personal update

I think I’m allowed at least one personal message these days. There’s no thread or solid reasoning in this. My mind is still mushy so there should be typo’s, but it’s the mind I have. 🎉 But to me it’s all about gratitude and privilege. How it started So, first some steps back. To how […]

The Guide to Accessible Web Components

Web Components are a newly supported standard. They’re a great match for Design Systems because they’re futureproof and work with any framework. Building proper UI Web Components can be quite a task though, especially if you want them to be accessible. Here are some pointers on what to look out for.

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Hogeschool Rotterdam

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Detail of the image wall at the NN DE Café

NN DE Café

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Illustration for Santos Magazine with the heads of Messi and Maradona woven together
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