Hi, I'm Erik. I'm a photographer and creative that somehow landed in the world of accessibility. I like to:

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Personal update

Personal update I think I’m allowed at least one personal message these days. There’s no thread or solid reasoning in this. My mind is still mushy so there should be typo’s, but it’s the mind I have. 🎉 But to me it’s all about gratitude and privilege. How it started So, first some steps back. […]

The Guide to Accessible Web Components

Web Components are a newly supported standard. They’re a great match for Design Systems because they’re futureproof and work with any framework. Building proper UI Web Components can be quite a task though, especially if you want them to be accessible. Here are some pointers on what to look out for.

An introduction to Web Monetization

Web Monetization is a new proposed API standard. It makes websites able to request a stream of very small payments from a visitor. The best part, you can already use it and it’s easy! What is Web Monetization? Web Monetization is a proposed API standard that allows websites to request a stream of very small […]

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